Service charge

Service charges to be charged from customers with effect from 01.02.2013 as under:

All these charges are inclusive of Service Tax. As our operations are very small and also to avoid charges in fraction, we propose that payment of service tax may be arranged centrally at Head Office on monthly / quarterly basis.

Sr. No. Maintenance of Accounts RUCB Service Charges
1.01 Ledger folio charges  
  Savings Bank NIL
  Current /OD / Cash Credit Accounts per quarter Rs. 40/- per folio of 40 entries. Minimum Rs. 250/- per annum.
1.02 Duplicate Pass Book / Statement  
  (A)  With latest entry  (B) Previous entries per page (40 entries) (A) (i) For Savings A/c Rs. 50/-
(ii) For Current A/c Rs. 75/-
If separate statement is requested inspite issuance of Pass Book charges are to be levied.
1.03 Cheque Leaf Charges (Per Leaf)  
  For Saving Bank 40 Cheque leaves free for every financial year. Thereafter Rs. 2/- per cheque leaf. If taken for EMI purpose, then additional charge of Rs. 3/-cheque leaf to be levied.
  For Savings Priority Account (Priority A/c with average Balance of Rs. 1 lac every time) 100 Cheque leaves free. Thereafter Rs. 2/- per leaf.
  For Current A/c Rs. 2/- per leaf
  For Priority Current A/c (with average balance of Rs. 5 lacs or FDR of Rs. 5 lac.) Free
  Issue of Loose Cheques (For all accounts) Rs. 5/- per cheque leaf.
1.04 Non-maintenance of Quarterly Average Balance
Current A/c (Regular) Quarterly Average Balance- Rs. 2000/-
Rs. 300/- per quarter
Savings (Regular) QAB – Rs. 1000/-
Savings without Cheque Book A/c QAB  Rs.500/-
Rs. 100/- per quarter
Rs. 50/- per quarter
  Savings (Priority) (When Balance lower down from Rs. 1 lac on quarterly basis) Rs. 200/- per quarter
  Current A/c (Regular) Quarterly Average Balance – Rs. 2000/- Rs. 300/- per quarter
  Current A/c (Priority) when FDR or QAB lower down from Rs. 5 lac. Rs. 500/- per quarter
1.05 Stop Payment Instructions  
  Savings Bank
Current / OD / CC
Rs. 50/- per cheque
Rs. 100/- per cheque
1.06 Standing Instructions (SI)  
  Setting of SI
SI for payment of loan / RD instalment
Rs. 25/- per SI
No charges
1.07 Confirmation of Specimen Signatures or Attestation of Photo's Rs. 50/- per request
1.08 Issue of Certificate / NOC
Charges for issuance of No dues / Balance Confirmation etc. when a/c is maintained by us.
Rs. 100/- per certificate
No charges
1.09 Enquiry of old Transactions  
  (a) From CBS introduction
(b) Before CBS
Rs. 50/- per request
Rs. 100/- per request
1.10 Activation of Dormat Account
Savings + Current
No charges if minimum balance as required is maintained. Otherwise Rs. 50/- for Savings and Rs. 100/- for current.
1.11 Record Copy / Photocopy of the cheque Rs. 25/- per instance
1.12 Closure of Accounts  
  Savings (Within 6 months) Rs. 200/- plus charges of unutilized cheques leafs (if issued free)
  Savings (After six months) Rs. 100/- plus charges of unutilized cheque leaf (if issued free)
  Current – (within 6 months) Rs. 500/- plus charges of unutilized cheque leafs (if issued free)
  Current – (after 6 months) Rs. 200/- plus charges of unutilized cheques (if issued free)
1.13 Addition / deletion of Names in joint accounts / change in Nomination / Change in operational instructions. (No charges if it is death case). Rs. 50/- per request.
1.14 Cash Handling charges  
  Per bundle (1000 pieces) per day irrespective of denomination, (One bundle i.e. 1000 pieces free) per day (clubbed limit)
No charges for priority Savings/ Current Customers.
Rs. 10/- per packet
or Rs. 100/- per bundle.
  Cash withdrawal / Deposit at non home Branch  (Max Permissible limit SB – 25000/-, CD/CC/OD – 1 lac,
No charges for –
(i) If amount is deposited for recovery of instalments
(ii) Priority Customers
Free upto Rs. 25000/-, Above Rs. 25000/- Rs. 2/- per thousand. It will be in addition to cash handling charges.
2. Remittances Our Charges
2.01 Issue of DD/TT/MT upto Rs. 5000/-  - Rs. 30/-
Above Rs. 5000/- -  Rs. 3/- per thousand by cash
  If By Cash Upto Rs. 10000/- - Rs. 50/-
Above 10000/- - Rs.3.50/- per thousand
2.02 Issue of Pay Order Same as DD/TT/MT
2.03 Revalidation
Issue of Duplicate
Rs. 25/- per instrument.
Rs. 25/- per instrument.
Rs. 50/- per instrument.
2.04 RTGS/NEFT up to One Lac
Above One Lac to Two Lacs
Above Two Lacs to Five Lacs
Above Two Lacs to Five Lacs
Above Five Lacs
Rs. 5/- per transactions
Rs. 15/- per transactions
Rs. 25/- per transactions Rs. 25/- per transactions
Rs. 50/- per transactions
2.05 For ECS Return
For Savings
For Current
  Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
3. Collections  
3.01 Collections of Outward/Inward Cheque  
  Upto Rs. 5000/-
Above Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000/-
Above Rs. 10000 to Rs. 100000/-
Above Rs. 1 lac.
Rs. 25/-
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 3/- per thousand (maximum Rs. 3000/-)
3.02 Collection of Outward/Inward Bills Rs. 3/- per thousand (Max. Rs. 1000/-)
  Upto Rs. 10,000/-
Rs. 10,001/- to Rs. 1 lac
Above Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 10 lac
Above Rs. 10 lac
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 5/- per thousand (minimum 500/-)
Rs. 3/- per thousand (Minimum Rs. 3000/-, Maximum Rs. 15000/-)
3.03 Return / Dishonour of Bills  
Rs. 100/-
Rs. 200/-
3.04 Clearing Return  
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 100/-
4.00 Locker Rent  
  (i) Locker small
(ii) Locker medium
(iii) Locker large


Item Service Charges (Applicable w.e.f. 01.02.2013
Loan Processing Charges
(To be charged on ad-hoc limits also)
Fund based + Non-fund based limits 1% of the loan amount Minimum Rs.1000/-
  • No processing charges to be recovered on loans against our own deposits, Govt. securities, NSCs, KVPs, IVPs etc.
  • Processing charges are not applicable for term loans as upfront fee will be recovered.
  • The charges are to be recovered at the time of initial processing as well as each renewal.
  • Where account could not be renewed in time due to delayed submission of data by the borrower the charge will be recovered for continuing the advance.
Upfront fee 1% of the loan amount Minimum Rs. 1000/-
Project Appraisal fee Project cost (Rs. In Lacs) %of

Up to Rs 10 crore
Above Rs.10 crore But
Up to Rs. 50 crore
Above Rs. 50 crore
Project cost Min Max
1.00 5.00 10.00
0.75 10.00 37.50
0.50 37.50 50.00
-- 50.00 Negotiable
Equitable Mortgage Rs. 1000/-
  • The charges are applicable for extension(s) of mortgage for enhancement and for substitution of title deeds.
  • The charge is applicable for extensions of equitable mortgage recorded in favour of other lenders.
Commitment Charges: Working Capital (WC)
For all fund based limits irrespective of size of loan 0.25% p.a. on the entire unutilized portion if average utilization is 60% or less.
Early Payment charges 2% of the limits
Inspection Charges Actual Charges per visit with a minimum of Rs. 100/-
Non submission of audited balance sheet For limits above Rs. 2 lacs Rs. 200/-per month if not submitted within 6 to 8 months of year-end.
Non sublimation of stock statements with applicable Non-submission of stock statements-Rs.100/-if not submitted within 7 days of due date
Inland LCs
Opening charges
Minimum charge Rs. 400/-
Usance charge:
0.30% for bills upto 7 days sight.
0.60% for bills over 7 days sight & upto 3 months sight
0.60% for first 3 months PLUS 0.30% p.m. in excess of 3 months for bills over 3 months sight.

Commitment charge-
A commitment charge for the period of liability (for the date of credit to the last date of its validity)@ 0.30% for every period of 3 months or part there of with a minimum of Rs.200/-
For LCs with 100% cash margin-25% of the regular charges to be recovered.
Revolving LCs Same as per LC opening charges plus on each reinstatement, usance charge according to tenor and commitment charges @0.25% will be charged, on the reinstate amount-Min. Rs.250/-
Other amendments apart from extension in validity period or increase in value of LC Flat commission of Rs.250/-
For demand bills under LCs, negotiation charges to be levied instead of collection charges.

Note: Actual out of pocket expenses will be recovered in all cases. Service charges proposed above are inclusive of Service Tax.